Medici Court $10,000+

The Estate of Monika Richter

The Richard P. Gruen Memorial Fund


Barberini Court

The Arts Midwest Touring Fund

Eberhard and Carol Gerlach

Stephanie Rosenbaum

Evelyn Eccles and Tom Ellis

Wayne C. and Judith V. Petty



Advocate $500–$999

Allen Salyer

Douglas Wood and Kay Holsinger

Gary Goertz

Ruth Siegel

Beth Gilford and John Alden


Benefactor $250–$499

Donna and Jim Wessel Walker

Randolph and Kathleen Schein

Antonio Placanica

Bruce Loughry

Lee and Paul Blizman

Sarah W. Newman

Andrew Lang

Edward and Barbara Klarman

Associate $100–$249

Bob and Jackie Wiggins

Ted St. Antoine

Jonathan and Dawn McDuffie

Alan Harnik and Prof Gillian Feeley-Harnik

In Memory of Pepé Michan

Judith Smutek

Elaine and Ron Shaw

Marjory Luther

Gerald Lyne


Joseph and Maxine Fontana

Kervin Brungardt

Colin Knapp and Frank Kong

Lynda Asher

Daryl and Lucie Witte

Johanna Kowitz

Timothy F. Richards and Constance S. McGuire

James Reynolds

Renate Gerulaitis

David Deromedi

Cindy and Ovide Pomerleau

Dennis and Anne Loy

David Schreiner

Marilyn Fung

Todd W. Grant and Anne Hudon

Matthew and Rebecca Steel

Fr. Lewis W. Towler

Harvey Michaels and Gloria Helfand

Alice Sano

Eric Arnold

Lisa Nagro and Al Buczynski

Martha Fessler Krieg

Friend $30–99

Jack and Carmen Miller

Sandy and Sarah Wiener

Larry Clayton

Anita and Albert Goldstein

Charlotte A. Wolfe

Melissa Thun

John Bruno and Rosemary Ziemba

Diana Munch and Bob Smalz

Susan Wineberg and Lars Bjorn

Ruth Bartman

Steven M. Whiting

Hans and Deb Norbotten

Max and Lyndon Lucas

Pfizer Foundation

Anne and Rob Burns

James and Catherine Allen

Neal Plotkin and Deborah Malamud

Judy Irvine

Debra Lonergan

Mast Shoes

Elena Gapova

Stefano Mengozzi